Sunday, May 9, 2010

Newest Stock Build Job- 300 HH Thumb hole stock.

Finally finished it. This is my newest Stock Build project. This is a raw cut stock that a customer of mine found for his 300 H& H. He had a beat up old stock on his rifle and wanted to upgrade. He found this beautiful piece of Claro Walnut online and I did the rest. Some like to find their own wood because they enjoy doing so. But if you would like I can look for one for you as well. Keep in mind that this is and complete stock build, I can also simply refinish your existing stock. It is much cheaper and I can do amazing things to make your old stock shine like a new penny.

These are the steps I take to get the finished product from a rough stock like this.
*Inlet all metal to fit the action.
*Glass and pillar bed.
*Sand and contour the stock to size.
*Install recoil pad and sling swivels
*Oil rub, buff, polish & finish.
Hope that doesn't make it sound too simple, because it is an awful lot of work. I always tell myself when I am working on a project like this. "Good thing I enjoy doing this.

Finished Product

Somehow I managed to not get a good picture of the whole gun. I was so enthused at how well the wood turned out. The whole thing was a beauty and I will try to get a shot of it up here. The owner was thrilled. Let me know if you have a project like this for me. You will be so pleased you did. Email me with your questions, request for quotes, etc. Thanks, Gunsmith Jake.